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It’s Not Just About the Tomatoes

What is it that is so appealing about gardening? They ask. Why can’t you just go to the store for a tomato? Isn’t it time consuming? Isn’t it hard with children?

Truth is, yes, it may be easier to buy a tomato from the store… and corn, and okra, and eggs. But for all we gain in convenience, what have we lost?


I probably began working in the garden and raising chickens simply because I loved being outside. I never expected to gain  as much as I have, and I’ll just say it’s been so much more than a homegrown tomato and a farm fresh egg.IMG_2799

Gardening has given us a deeper appreciation for the earth and it’s resources, and has allowed for many discipleship opportunities in our own family. We are learning together… and the  lessons extend beyond the soil.

In scripture, we see so many parables about seeds, trees, sowing, reaping, planting and harvest, the pruning, the fruit… and it’s a beautiful thing to watch these parables brought to life as you work with your hands.

Maybe that’s why it is so wonderful to be in the garden. There is a depth to the soil that can not be measured. There are words there that can’t be spoken.


There is much to give and much to receive. IMG_2300


There is beauty unimaginable.


There is much to observe, to nurture, and to protect.


To enjoy.IMG_5353

It is a way of life that takes us away from all the junk food of the body and the mind that the world has to offer, and provides us with a feast of the true, the good, and the pure.IMG_2304

It provides us with a quiet place to reflect and give thanks.



There is working together,  waiting together, observing together, and delighting in the harvest together.


And yes, it’s work. Gardens large and small are just paths to be walked, full of twists and turns, with one step forward and two steps back. But, it’s not just about the tomatoes.

There is food for the body, mind, and soul in the garden.

And you can’t buy that at Walmart.

“I should understand the land, not as a commodity, an inert fact to be taken for granted, but as an ultimate value, enduring and alive, useful and beautiful and mysterious and formidable and comforting, beneficent and terribly demanding, worthy of the best of man’s attention and care… [My father] insisted that I learn to do the hand labor that the land required, knowing–and saying again and again–that the ability to do such work is the source of a confidence and an independence of character that can come no other way, not by money, not by education.” – Wendell Berry


Blogging: Take two!

You know, there’s always been this struggle between what I want to do and what actually happens. For a few years I have gone back and forth about keeping a blog. I think of things I want to write about and jot them down in the notes section of my iPhone. It’s a list that’s been going for over a year, and that’s as far as most those ideas have gotten. A thought. On a note list. On my iPhone. Well, to give myself a little credit, I did rename my blog, buy a domain, and write a few rough drafts, but it’s hard. I don’t have time to write. Honestly, most days I don’t have time to think. I am also technologically illiterate. I pretty much have no clue what I am doing. Which is why if you scroll down to the bottom of this post you will see that my signature is old, because I have no clue how to change it. See??? Point is, I will stink at this, but I am being told to try…. so… I’m going to.     I also want to be careful. It is not my intention to glorify myself, or draw people into my lifestyle, or persuade people into my line of thinking. My aim is to write about things God is doing and the things God is teaching me in this crazy journey that is my life, and I hope that the running theme in these writings is Him. His story. I hope that readers are inspired and encouraged by Him, and not me. I hope that beyond the methods that I have adopted here on my tiny speck of the planet, that His principles are what speak the loudest, because it’s not really about the methods anyway. So, here’s to trying. If you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s because I’m either with my babies, or in a barn, learning some God lessons… and if I’m lucky, I’ll have a minute to jot it down on my iPhone list and then maybe, just maybe, I’ll get it to this blog… but don’t get your hopes up. If nothing else, I will from time to time, add a picture of one of my chickens. You CAN count on that. 😉


Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!

empty pockets

So several things have happened this week, not all that unusual, but worth mentioning. I thought  I would be starting my blog Saturday. I had everything set up on WordPress, and several topics listed to start with, things that have been brewing for months. As soon as I was ready to start typing, my mind went blank! God said to me in that moment “wait”. I thought “wait?? I’ve been waiting for literal months for just 30 minutes to sit here and create this page!”. In the  next two days, it became obvious to me why “wait” was His answer. Through plenty of circumstances over those days, God helped me realize that I really had nothing to offer anyone!! I had to be reminded even before I started, that I need to be completely transparent, to be certain that God would get ALL the glory for the things I say and do. Someone actually said to me two days ago, “I saw that you were going to start a blog! I can’t wait to read it, it seems like you have it all together!”. I wanted to puke really. I really DON’T have it all together! I am an optimist, yes, so I do tend to try and  focus on the positives, but I have MANY many weaknesses and shortcomings. I am just a mom, like everyone else, desperately trying to find a “way” to manage! So please don’t assume that you will find magic words here today or any other day coming from me.  If there is anything here even somewhat helpful to you, it will be because God put it here! Today, God wants me to say, “I, BETHANY WILKINSON, HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER YOU!” :0)

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