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So several things have happened this week, not all that unusual, but worth mentioning. I thought  I would be starting my blog Saturday. I had everything set up on WordPress, and several topics listed to start with, things that have been brewing for months. As soon as I was ready to start typing, my mind went blank! God said to me in that moment “wait”. I thought “wait?? I’ve been waiting for literal months for just 30 minutes to sit here and create this page!”. In the  next two days, it became obvious to me why “wait” was His answer. Through plenty of circumstances over those days, God helped me realize that I really had nothing to offer anyone!! I had to be reminded even before I started, that I need to be completely transparent, to be certain that God would get ALL the glory for the things I say and do. Someone actually said to me two days ago, “I saw that you were going to start a blog! I can’t wait to read it, it seems like you have it all together!”. I wanted to puke really. I really DON’T have it all together! I am an optimist, yes, so I do tend to try and  focus on the positives, but I have MANY many weaknesses and shortcomings. I am just a mom, like everyone else, desperately trying to find a “way” to manage! So please don’t assume that you will find magic words here today or any other day coming from me.  If there is anything here even somewhat helpful to you, it will be because God put it here! Today, God wants me to say, “I, BETHANY WILKINSON, HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER YOU!” :0)


About bethany4home

I am a happy wife, a mother to 6 precious individuals, a birth professional, and a homesteader. I am passionate about all of the above, and love learning new things every day. This journey called life can be quite crazy, but it is oh so beautiful by the grace of Jesus.

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